Why we need social media marketing? First we must know the principal of marketing itself. Marketing has a very big role in the growth and economic development. Marketing research and stimulate new ideas that will produce new goods and services which are innovative. Marketing also gives customers more options in meeting their needs, and if the customer is satisfied with the products, the manufacturer will open up new jobs for the community. On the other side, economic costs of marketing activities can reach 50% of the price we pay for a product. It could even be bigger than that. Steady companies; have shifted from production orientation to marketing orientation. A marketing orientation means not only make consumers buy the company's products, but also try to provide what they need

social media marketing
Social Media Marketing
Nowadays, Internet technology has changed many things. It makes an entrepreneur should do some methods in marketing products and services online. Competition continues to occur in many areas is forcing business owners to reduce the cost of sale without reducing the expected goals. And, social media marketing becomes the right solution because this technique is considered very effective and efficient in reaching the target market in coverage.

Social media is a marketing tool that can be quite effective to help the marketing strategy for our business. Developments of the business are constantly using social media as a tool to promote. If we imagine without the social media, marketing cannot run perfectly and effectively.

Social media marketing is also very important for the development of business, especially in this digital era. Why are so many people who tend to make use of social media such as Facebook, twitter, website, or blog? Much of the reason is because all social media is very easy to use and low cost that makes many businesses easy to manage the business through social media marketing.

Why It's Important
There are several important reasons underlying absence of such methods. Among them are closer communication between the consumer and the producer of a product or service without being limited by time and location. The key message was clearly understood without understanding the complicated and difficult technique.

Complaints, suggestions or advice can easily be done so that the interaction of positive and quick response. This of course will provide more value for the customers of the services provided. In addition, costs can be minimized so that the promotion funds no longer need to swell only to introduce one product. All agreed that the promotional cost is the cost that is quite large so it takes some consideration in order to save funds.

Other reason is to establish a branding that very easily by simply utilizing several social media sites. Active greet customers and provide important and useful information will have a positive impact on the development of the business. Consumers will slowly herd into a perception of a product.

There’s many ways for us to develop product marketing with social media marketing. We can use some social media sites specific to your business. Some social media sites that you can choose:

• Facebook
Everyone is always in contact with the social media and from day to day Facebook users is growing. This could be an opportunity for us to develop it as a promotion of our products. It’s the fact that nowadays all businesses take advantage of Facebook for a main promotion in their product.

• Twitter
Similarly, Facebook, twitter is also a social media that has many users. We can use twitter to make our business and marketing more grow.

• Pinterest
Share and promote our work of pictures and videos on a pin board, tagged by category, then the results of our work will be widely known with ease We are not only able to share the results of our work, but also looking for reference materials or other creative ideas here. Pinterest application is one of the many app installed by internet users. Overall there are about 70 million active users on this site. Much of categories listed here including; Gardening, Travel, Kids, Wedding, Food & Drinks, DIY, Design, etc.

• Youtube
There are many other video sharing services in the Internet, but YouTube still be the primary.
Ever since it was independent after Google's acquisition, YouTube was still most interested by users. Various categories of videos, channels already distributed; we only need to type in what you want to watch in the search box, then the results will be varied.

• Website or blog
Both types of social media is very effective for business marketing. Even social media marketing is closely associated with the website. Users simply having a website alone can market products to all regions in the country or abroad.

If you are currently planning to perform an activity in the marketing of products via the internet, then you need to know some internet marketing strategies that can work well.